Ghostwriter and Celebrity: the Perfect Match

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Hire a Ghostwriter for a Celebrity Project

The ghost writer and celebrity have an extremely beneficial relationship in publishing terms. Publishers love putting a famous name on a book cover, and they also love working with celebrity ghost writers who create readable text and meet deadlines.


By hiring a ghost writer, celebrities are making an excellent long-term investment in their career and financial future.


We've ghost written books for:

• UK, US and European A-list celebrities

• UK TV personalities and soap stars

• Reality TV stars

• Wives, girlfriends and relatives of famous people


A popular book will generate income for years to come and opens many doors. A celebrity need only set aside a day or two for ghost writer interviews, and then everything else, from structuring to writing the book, is taken care of by us.

We sign non-disclosures before discussing any celebrity project and will never tell anyone who we've been approached by, so confidentiality is completely assured. But even more importantly, we create high-quality, readable manuscripts that celebrities are proud to put their names to.

Whether a complete manuscript writing service is required, or just a professional editor to tidy up loose ends and make your book more readable, we can help.


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